Sunday, May 01, 2005

Things I learned while watching the Cubs this weekend...

The Cubs lost 2 of 3 to the Astros this weekend, giving them a record of 12-12 on the season. Here's what I learned from the 3 games:

Greg Maddux still has it. He out dueled Roger Clemens on Friday to get the Cubs only win.

Kerry Wood needs to go on the DL. The Cubs bullpen isn't good, but it doesn't help when starters can't give you 4 innings, let alone 6 or 7. The Cubs can't afford to start Wood again, only to have him bow out in the middle of the game with bursitis.

Mark Prior is human. Prior came back to earth with a thud on Sunday, giving up a grand slam to Mike Lamb. Prior then fell apart, walking two and giving up a 3 run homer to Adam Everett(!?!).

Derrek Lee is not. Lee is leading the league in batting average, home runs and RBI.

Aramis Ramirez needs to start hitting. Lee's not going to be as effective if teams don't have to pitch to him. Right now they don't, and they've started pitching around him. If Aramis can get back to last year's form, this year's offense could out perform last year.

Neifi Perez still hasn't turned back into a pumpkin. I don't even know what to say about this guy. It's gotten so nuts, that I actually picked him up in my fantasy league (ironically enough, as a replacement for Nomar).

Dusty Baker feels sorry for the rest of the NL's pitchers. That's the only explanation I can think of for Jason DuBois to ride the pine while Todd Hollandsworth continues to start in left field. DuBois got 2 AB's this weekend. The result? A double and a homer.

Willy Tavarez is going to torture us for years to come. It seems like this guy was everywhere in the Houston series, getting on base, stealing and then scoring. To top it off, he threw out 3 runners at the plate. Corey Patterson is quickly becoming the 4th best centerfielder in his own division.

Chris Spier evidentially watched a lot of tape of Wendell Kim this offseason, and decided that Kim was far too conservative.

Jose Macias still stinks.


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