Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Reds 11 Cubs 9

God forbid the Cubs stay over .500 for more than one day. Carlos Zambrano is now 2-1 in 5 starts with 2 ejections. The man knows how to take a no decision. Did anybody think that the Cubs bullpen would be able to hold that 2 run lead following Z's ejection? Me neither. The Cub bullpen is a total shambles right now, and the Reds know what the rest of the league knows; if you can knock the Cubs starter out with a two run lead or less, there's a good chance you're going to beat them.

The Good:
The offense: homers by Lee, Ramirez, Burnitz and DuBois. A good showing overall by the offense, putting a 8 spot up on Eric Milton (didn't this guy nearly no-hit us last year?). Couldn't come through in the 9th inning though.

The Bad:
Not much good today, huh? For starters, Carlos Zambrano gave up 6 earned runs and got himself ejected in the 4th after nailing Austin Kearns with a pitch following an Adam Dunn homer.

The Bullpen-I have the feeling I'll be typing this one out a lot. Nobody in the pen pitched particularly well, so I'm not going to single anyone in particular out. Suffice to say they turned a 2 run lead into a 3 run deficit before I even realized it was happening. Now that's efficiency.

Dusty Baker-I didn't forget about you Dusty. Is there some sort of rule that if Jason DuBois hits a homer that Todd Hollandsworth must pinch hit for him later in the game? Even if you buy into this stupid percentages bullshit, DuBois needs to get some hacks against a right handed pitcher sometime. Or does Baker plan on using him exclusively against lefties? Maybe he thinks that Jason and Mike Remlinger are the same person?

The Ugly:
The outfield defense was terrible. DuBois dropped a flyball (which didn't hurt us, but will probably give Baker an excuse to leave him on the bench) and Corey Patterson allowed a shallow single to skip past him, resulting in two runners scoring instead of just one.

For those who wanted Hendry to make a run at Adam Graves, well, he's not much better than what we got. He was lucky to strand the tying runs in scoring position in the 9th when Hollandsworth (AUUUUHHHGGGG!) made the final out. He also fell down on one pitch and almost hurt himself. No word on whether he slipped on a piece of Chad Fox's elbow.


Blogger Publius said...

Maybe Dusty does get Dubois and Remlinger confused. Who could blame him? They look enough alike that they could be brothers.

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